Steinway & Sons welcomed Enrico Elisi as a Steinway Artist in September of 2017

Steinway Artist

“Steinway & Sons’ pianos — each one and only. Their unique qualities holding the mystery of sound, straining for release. Black and white keys painting colors to the ears’ joy. This is what my Steinway is to me.”   ~ Enrico Elisi

Enrico Elisi Selected as Artist in Residence at Yellowbarn

Enrico Elisi will be in residence at Yellow Barn discussing the upcoming recording of Partitas 1 and 6 which will occur in Italy in 2018. A particular focus of his residency is the various possibilities of ornamentation and articulations in those works. Building on his own interpretive insight as well as historical evidence, he will also study selected ornaments and articulations used by keyboard players who have previously recorded this repertoire, creating a compendium of possibilities that can be drawn upon in an improvisatory way.