Enrico Elisi


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“Elisi’s playing shows a refined sense of style and a noble personality.”

— Lazar Berman, pianist

“A first-class piano recital […] Elisi revealed remarkable sensitivity, imagination, and polish. He brought clarity and subtlety to Bach, considerable eloquence to Mozart, and his phrasing of Chopin contained uncommon rhythmic elasticity and poetic refinement.”

— Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

“Elisi is a highly gifted, serious, and accomplished musician. His playing is characterized by a keen awareness of those elements of music that distinguish the great artist from the pedestrian performer.”

— Leon Fleisher, pianist and conductor

“Musical fireworks were presented at the end of the concert, where the hands of the pianist flew. Runs crackled like rockets and chords thundered in the Dance of Fire by Manuel de Falla. The enthusiasm of the public was so great that they allowed the pianist his farewell only after three encores.”

— Angelika Kannenberg, Wolfsburger Nachrichten Zeitung