May 2023: More Masterclasses in Japan: Enrico Elisi Inspires Talented Students

Here is exciting news of Enrico Elisi’s recent masterclasses in Japan, where he continued to inspire and nurture young musical talent. Following his captivating performance and masterclass at Aichi University of the Arts, Enrico enjoyed working with exceptionally talented pre-college students on May 26th at Meiwa High School in Nagoya, one of the city’s esteemed institutions with outstanding music programs.

Enrico guided the students through their performances during the engaging session, providing invaluable insights and mentorship. Here is a sneak peek into the program, featuring two remarkable students and their chosen repertoire:

  1. Student: Miorai Katahira
  • J.S. Bach – Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue in D minor, BWV 904
  1. Student: Maho Mitsuhashi
  • Prokofiev – Piano Sonata No. 6 Op. 82 (1st movement)

Elisi’s musical journey. Stay tuned for more updates on Enrico’s inspiring musical endeavors. Bravo to all!

In addition to the enriching experience at Meiwa High School, Enrico had the privilege of collaborating with three students who were selected by the esteemed Piano Teachers’ National Association (PTNA). PTNA, a well-known and respected organization in Japan, is dedicated to piano education and provides extensive support to piano teachers nationwide through various programs, events, competitions, and valuable resources. This collaboration further reinforces Enrico’s commitment to fostering the development of piano education in Nagoya and beyond.

Here is a summary of the late afternoon schedule, along with the repertoire and the names of the talented students who participated:

During the masterclasses held in Japan, Enrico Elisi had the pleasure of working with talented students from Meiwa High School in Nagoya. The participants and their chosen repertoire are as follows:

17:30-18:30: MIZUKI SAITO

  • Repertoire: L.v. Beethoven – Sonata No. 25 in G major, Op. 79

18:30-19:30: KEITA SUZUKI

  • Repertoire:
  • J. S. Bach – Well-Tempered Clavier Part 1 in F major, BWV 856
  • P. Tchaikovsky – The Seasons Op. 37bis April “Snowdrop”

19:30-20:30: AMI TAKANASHI

  • Repertoire: M. Ravel – Mirrors 1. Noctuelles, 4. Alborada Del Gracioso

These students showcased their exceptional skills and dedication, impressing both Enrico and the teachers in the audience. We congratulate all the participants on their remarkable performances and commitment to musical excellence.

Enrico was deeply impressed by the musicality, vibrant interpretations, and polished performances of all the students. Furthermore, he commends the dedication of both the students and the teachers in the audience, who attentively studied the scores and took notes, demonstrating a profound respect for the music, the students, and the guest artist. Congratulations to everyone involved for their outstanding achievements and their commitment to musical excellence!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the students, teachers, and organizations that made these masterclasses possible, as well as the passionate music enthusiasts who continue to support Enrico



University of the Arts

Enrico Elisi recently graced the stage at Aichi University of the Arts in Nagoya, leaving an indelible mark on the audience with his captivating recital. Following the performance, he conducted an engaging masterclass focused exclusively on Ravel’s Scarbo, which featured a remarkable performance by 桑野 友里 (Yuri Kuwano), a first-year MM student whose musical prowess left the audience in awe. The atmosphere in the concert hall was palpable, with a profound silence that mirrored the hushed anticipation of a packed auditorium during a concert.

Enrico Elisi expressed his profound gratitude for the opportunity to share his passion for music with the talented students of Aichi University of the Arts, an esteemed institution known for its commitment to artistic excellence.

The event also provided a chance for him to reconnect with esteemed colleagues Federico Agostini and Kumi Uchimoto. Additionally, he was delighted to encounter Irina Petrova, the sixth-prize winner of the renowned 1980 Warsaw Competition, adding to the allure of the occasion.

Contact me for additional information on the presentations and workshops listed below.

New Interactive Workshop:

Effective Memorization Strategies for Pianists. Mental Practice (MP)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Rubinstein-and-memory.png

An introductory workshop on Mental Practice (MP) is designed in two parts. (Offered in English and Italian, in person or via Zoom.)

The present workshop on effective memorization strategies based on mental practice illustrates techniques by which someone with the intent of practicing creates a mental representation of a preconceived idea or action to enhance performance. Through increased focus and concentration, pianists will learn how to study portions of a score in their minds without spending considerable time at the piano.

Memorization Workshop

Among the techniques illustrated in this workshop are:

  • Motor imagery (visualizing the feeling of moving the fingers).
  • Organizing groupings found in the text (also through formal, melodic, and rhythmic analysis).
  • Singing and feeling intervallic relationships.
  • Scene memory (rapid eye movements to identify the next position on the key).
  • Switches (slight changes of patterns often resulting in memory slips).

These tools are helpful, and while they cannot replace actual keyboard practice, they are invaluable mental rehearsal devices.

MENTAL PRACTICE is a technique by which someone intending to practice creates a mental representation of a preconceived idea or action to enhance performance (van Meer & Theunissen, 2009).

The proper exercise in the head forces the mental inclusion of the entire body apparatus.

Enrico Elisi is a recipient of the University of Toronto Faculty of Music Teaching Award (2021 – 2022)

The University of Toronto Faculty of Music Teaching Award recognizes excellence, commitment, and innovation in teaching, as well as the importance of these qualities in the academic experience of students at the University of Toronto. Click to see a short blurb about the award on Facebook.

Faculty of Music, EJB
Faculty of Music, EJB

Competitions: International Arts Center Piano Competition, 国际钢琴比赛, Guangxi Nanning, China – Steinway & Sons, Calgary and Vancouver, Canada in 2020

In December 2020, Elisi was invited to adjudicate the 6th edition of the IACP Competition in China. Before that, in June and July, he was also on the Calgary and Vancouver Steinway Canada Young Artist Virtual Piano Competition juries.

Chamber Music in Altdorf, Switzerland, in 2019

In 2018, Elisi performed Brahms’s Quintet for piano and strings and conducted a master class as guest faculty. He returns in 2019 as a full-time faculty member, presenting performances of the Schubert Trio No. 1 and the Schumann Piano Quartet.

Concertos in Texas with Anton Nel and the Roundrock Symphony Orchestra led by Stefan Sanders in 2019

Elisi performed selected movements from concertos for two pianos by Mozart and Mendelssohn in the 10th-year-anniversary gala at the Texas State International Piano Festival with Anton Nel and the Round Rock Symphony under the baton of Maestro Stefan Sanders.

Performing Beethoven 4th Concerto in Indonesia in 2019

Performing in duo in Guangzhou and Fushan, China in 2019

In May 2019, Enrico Elisi and violinist Kaiyi Ma performed music by Beethoven, Schumann, and Brahms for a large audience in Foshan and Guangzhou.

Selected as an Artist in Residence at Yellowbarn in 2018

Enrico Elisi was in residence at Yellow Barn discussing the recording of Partitas 1 and 6 and other shorter works (in progress). A particular focus of his residency was the various possibilities of ornamentation and articulations in those works. Building on his interpretive insight and historical evidence, he also studied selected ornaments and articulations used by keyboard players who have previously recorded this repertoire, creating a compendium of possibilities that a performer can draw upon in an improvisatory way.

Elisi was invited to the 3rd and 4th Editions of the Sichuan Festival (in 2016 and 2018)


Elisi performed a solo recital and taught a master class and individual lessons in the lovely city of Chengdu, China.

Steinway & Sons welcomes Enrico Elisi as a Steinway Artist in 2017

“Steinway & Sons’ pianos — each one and only. Their unique qualities holding the mystery of sound, straining for release. Black and white keys painting colors to the ears’ joy. This is what my Steinway is to me.”   ~ Enrico Elisi

Amalfi Coast Festival: Elisi’s Interview in 2016

Maiori, Amalfi Coast
Maiori, Amalfi Coast
Enrico Elisi in rehearsal before his 2018 recital at Cava dei Tirreni, near the Amalfi Coast

Enrico Elisi (who took part in six festival editions, including the 25th anniversary in 2022) describes what North American students can bring back from experience abroad at a summer festival such as this.

Article by Maud Reavill & Rebecca Roose.