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About Mozart

“Enrico Elisi opened the concert series, il pianoforte all’italiana of the Italian Institute of Culture, Wolfsburg, with a large and demanding program: first we heard Bach’s Partita No. 6 BWV 830 and Mozart’s Sonata in F Major KV 332, Elisi fluidly expressed a wide variety of dynamics in the various themes and played the melodic ideas without ever neglecting the underlying counter-themes. Improvised ornaments, runs and leaps were always tied into the melodic flow resulting in an iridescent and richly varied work of art. Elisi developed Mozart’s sonata as a dramatic scene that moved from one emotional level to another. Pamina could be heard languishing; Osmin clattering in his garden; one could imagine Papageno jumping but just as quickly the scene changed to the stony guest threatening a laughing Don Giovanni. The pianist who was evidently in the middle of this drama presented the audience with such great listening pleasure.”

Rapport with Audience

“With a charming smile Enrico Elisi spontaneously conquered the hearts of the audience. But with his playing he pulled the listeners into his spell where he moved and captured them unequivocally. There was no tone or sound that one could let pass. It was a constant development, a musical wellspring of flexible tone painting molded and developing one after another.”

“The Schumann finale [of the Symphonic Etudes] was one more confirmation of Elisi’s dexterity as well as his mature sensitivity. The applause surged with the last note. Elisi’s debut recital in Germany was a success. It is to be hoped that we will have many more opportunities to hear and experience him.”

“Elisi’s playing offered a balance between a brilliant technique and a lyric singing quality of tone. A true musician, Elisi is a master of elegance, refinement, and fantasy[…]”

“Musical fireworks were presented at the end of the concert, where the hands of the pianist flew. Runs crackled like rockets and chords thundered in the Dance of Fire by Manuel de Falla. The enthusiasm of the public was so great that they allowed the pianist his farewell only after three encores.”

Angelika Kannenberg

Classical New Jersey Society Journal

“Enrico Elisi proved to be a fine player with a natural sense of drama and line. The cadenzas [to the Rachmaninov second concerto] were flawless and his stage persona was intent yet not overly intense.”

“Mr. An die Musik also presented a first-class piano recital this week. Enrico Elisi […] revealed remarkable sensitivity, imagination and polish […]. He brought clarity and subtlety to Bach’s Partita No. 6, considerable eloquence to Mozart’s F Major Sonata K. 332.And his phrasing of two Mazurkas and the G minor Ballade by Chopin contained uncommon rhythmic elasticity and poetic refinement..”

Tim Smith

“Mr. Elisi never lost a beat. He navigated the [Rachmaninov second] concerto’s complexities and subtle nuances without ever descending into the mere piano pounding that heralds an inferior performer. Mr. Elisi’s interpretation […] was impeccable.”

“Mr. Elisi’s playing shows a refined sense of style and noble personality.”

Lazar Berman, pianist

“Mr. Elisi is an artist whose strongly individualistic playing is driven by an unusual mixture of passion and idealism.”

Robert McDonald, pianist, the Julliard School, New York

“Elisi is a highly gifted, serious, and accomplished musician. His playing is characterized by a keen awareness of those elements of music that distinguish the great artist from the pedestrian performer.”

Leon Fleisher, pianist and conductor