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Piano Technique: Reflections, Videos, Exercises, and Scores. 

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Reflections on Technique


How much time should I practice?

“The right kind of practice is not a matter of hours. Practice should represent the utmost concentration of the brain. It is better to play with concentration for two hours than practice eight without. I should say that four hours would be a good maximum practice time—I never ask more of my pupils—and that during each minute of the time, the brain be as active as the fingers.” — Leopold Auer

Piano Competitions

Three resources to look for competitions:

  1. Bakitone
  2. World Federation of International Music Competitions
  3. Alink-Argerich Foundation

Selected competitions in the USA:

Hilton Head

Cape Vincent

Washington International

New Orleans

The Gurwitz – San Antonio

Reading Materials

Read more about jobs in the music industry.

Helpful Websites

  • NEC Bridge – Bridge: Worldwide Music Connection, a database maintained by the New England Conservatory’s Career Services Center, provides 24-hour online access to over 2,800 opportunities in music and arts administration, including internships.
  • – Lists hundreds of internships in all areas of the entertainment industry, including talent agencies, radio and television stations, recording studios, and more!
  • GetThatGig – The music category provides some links to internships with symphonies, opera companies, record labels, etc.
  • – Provides career enhancement tools for aspiring and professional musicians, educators, and arts professionals.
  • – Search for music internships sorted out by state and category.
  • – Provides search information on non-profit internships
  • Dream Careers – Choose summer internships in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, look up internship itinerary

Various Organizations